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Issue#24 : May 30th 2011


Us lot at Saffron Planet ( are very excited by our new initiative - the FOUNDATIONS WEEKEND.

Here's the blurb:

There’s a lot of strange ideas and doctrines floating around in the Church today. They seem to offer something fresh and new, but are usually just a re-hash of something old, discredited and dangerous. The question that all concerned Christians should ask is, how do we know what is true and false any more? How can the Church be equipped for discernment when there is so much confusion around?

Issua#23 : February 13th 2011


We have just had an extensive session on "Biblical Church", featuring as guest the world-renowned teacher, Beresford Job, who has been speaking on these issues for around 30 years.

We are chopping the 2.5 hour session into 4 parts and the first has just been added to

In this section we see what the original Church was like and what went wrong. How did they meet and how were they organised? We then get to the BIG one - are many of our current churches unbiblical and, if so, why ...?

Hugely controversial and rivetting stuff, if I say so myself!

Issue #22 : December 11th 2010


Just a quick note to say we've uploaded out latest talk - this one is on God Himself and goes on a meandering journey to a lot of places. It's at the top of the home page at

Next week we're having another recording session with the usual gang, but with special guest Beresford Job, tireless campaigner for the "Biblical Church". It should be a very interesting session, please pray for us.



Issue #21 : November 16th 2010


Yes we're back - sorry about the long gap (or perhaps you're relieved?), but, due to Louie's brief exile to Israel, we had been short on personnel and so things died down a bit.

The first release is a 30 minute "catch up", where Louie tells us what drew him to work in Israel and how he found himself back home after 10 weeks or so. We also cover the issues of family relationships and how we should really read the Bible. It's on

Issue #20 : March 12th 2010


Still churning out material from our Justin Peters session. Part 2 of our audio stream is now available at - this is less about naming names and more about looking at the whole shebang with the eyes of real faith.

Issue #19: February 26th 2010

Hi there!

We had a fantastic session last Sunday, with our special guest Justin Peters (, perhaps the World's foremost authority on the Prosperity teachers and the Word of Faith movement.

We taped and video-ed the sessions and have uploaded the first of our three part audio seesion, where we name and shame the false teachers out there, according to Justin, with some surprises ...

You'll find it at

Issue #18


Just a short note to say that we've just posted our Christmas "special" on

Hope you like it, we like to think that there's something there for everyone in our seasonal chat.

That's all for now, folks! Be blessed!


Issue #17 - 14th November 2009

Shalom friend,

I must admit that I've been neglecting this website lately, it had dropped quite low in my list of priorities - just below helping to tidy my office. The fact is that traffic had been low and feedback negligible - but then I get this phone call from the USA and, it seems that "Our colonial cousins" love us! It's those delightful english accents, apparently - hopefully it's also something to do with the style and content as well!

So I made a special effort and have uploaded a new programme to

Issue #16 - 21st October 2009

Yes, it's been a long time! Well, the boys (and girls) are back in town!

Our summer break was longer than expected but we have started to meet up again and have a nice selection of new material to post over the next few weeks. The first one, live now at, is an interesting one.

Issue #15 - 21st May 2009

Welcome friend,

Issue #14 - 16th May 2009

Welcome friend,

At last, it is over. CRE has run its course and life for this battered soul can return to normal. Our reasons for exhibiting this year were to promote Saffron Planet and promote my new book, “How the Church lost The Way … and how it can find it again”. I will report on how things went for Saffy P, with our plans for the future, next week, but first … the book.

Issue #13 - 6th May 2009

Welcome friend,

Yes, you are bombarded by post, email and over the airwaves by Christian ministries asking for money. We have joined the queue and leave it to the Holy Spirit and your conscience as to what happens next.

Issue #12 - 30th April 2009

Welcome friend,

The last 24 hours have been a nightmare. You may have noticed that we had disappeared and I thought that we was a goner! Spammers had broken into the site and used us to send zillions of emails around the world. The Spam police got wind of this and forced us to go offline. But now, thanks to the sterling efforts of our techie Kit and the graciousness of our ISP, we are back. With just 10 days to go to our "launch" at CRE, I was tearing my hair out.

Issue #11 – 23rd April 2009

Welcome friend,

The last two programmes from our last session, on Being Church and Condemnation, have now gone up and we're ready for some new stuff. Perhaps we need to lighten up a little, so expect a few quirkier chats over the coming weeks - though we'll also be doing "Repentance" when we meet up on Sunday, so we're not quite out of our 'serious' mode yet!

Issue #10 - 16th April 2009

Welcome friend,

It’s been a busy week, with three new programmes added – on the Crucifixion, Digging deeper into the Bible and on Sanctification. It’s amazing how the Lord works, as all three came from one single (100 minute!) unprepared session. All I can say is how fantastic it is to have Chris Hill with us, to tie together the loose threads and ensure that there’s a real Biblical foundation to everything. What do you think – would appreciate guidance or feedback on these programmes (email us at )

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