Our Needs

This is an easy one. Whatever the Lord provides will dictate how we operate. We will never nag, cajole or promise “biblical” blessings in order to gain funding. We trust that every Christian who listens and are blessed by our broadcasts will bless us in return, as long as they can afford to do so. All that we ask are that promises are delivered on.

Yes we know there is a credit crunch, with many ministries feeling the pinch, some of them having to curtail their plans and even lay off staff. Yet God’s plans are not thwarted by the failings of our national financial climate, in fact there is every probability that He would be using these setbacks for His own purposes. For this reason we urge you to think and pray very hard about your financial resources, in terms of where you will offer your support. Perhaps there is a sifting and a realignment going on?

We all need to eat, we need money to pay the bills. There’s a simple formula and it’s this: the more funds that are attracted, the higher proportion of our time can be spent on the ministry of Saffron Planet. At present we can only afford to meet once a month, then spend the rest of the month editing and publishing the fruits of that session. The more time we have, the more recording sessions we can have, as well as exploring other areas of expansion.

There are two ways you can give and each has their place. You may feel led to give the occasional single payment. This is fine and the funds received in this way will go towards their ongoing expenses, for advertising, marketing, server and other costs. Alternatively you may feel that you can provide more regular funding, in the form of standing orders (that can be set up online and totally maintained by you). This type of support is significant, because this provides financial security and enables plans to be made. Here is one such plan:

Louie Werth is an immensely talented and promising individual. Although only 20 years old, he has his own show on community radio in Lincoln and has been a passionate and effective evangelist for many years. He has a unique gift for reaching young people and combines this with a mature Biblical understanding that belies his tender years. Saffron Planet would love Louie to be able to work for them on a more formal basis. To do this we would need him to move down or regularly commute to London. He would need to be paid and this money has to come from somewhere and the money needs to arrive on a regular basis. This money will come, Lord willing, from the standing orders.

And what would we be able to offer with Louie on-stream? More programmes, particularly aimed towards younger folk, for a start. Also we will start to try out some live broadcasts, perhaps a couple of hours a week to start with and these could possibly be unlike any you have experienced before on Christian radio. Then there are the boring office jobs, washing up, clearing up etc (just to keep his ego in check!) ….


If you are an individual and wish to support us either with a one-off donation or a recurring standing order either fill out our donation form and post it to us or go here, where you can make a secure online one-off or recurring donation to us.

If you are a ministry or organisation you can also support us in the same way, though we are also open to discussions with like-minded ministries for sponsorship or advertising.

If you wish to talk things over first, please phone Steve at 020 8551 1719 or email him at contact@saffronplanet.net