Obama - Beyond the Hype!

Obama Special ** NEW ** (JANUARY 2009)

(48 minutes)

A messiah or a puppet of the New World Order? A Christian in the traditional sense? In this far-reaching discussion we cover Obama's religious views, the effect on the World, the Gaza situation and various conspiracy theories.

Challenging conversation featuring renowned Bible teacher and social commentator, Tony Pearce.

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Obama alreaydy rifting away from Bibi???how soon this happened!!

Hey, guys, I love listening ur shows...
This show had one thing that annoyed me a bit: over rationalisation, some times good British trait, other times the very fact that prevent us thinking in a Hebrew way..seeing patterns, without being conspiracy theorist or natta:) U draw some brillian patterns about this new leader who by accident or in purpose is wery,wery economical about his faith in
Jesus as Son of God...U r right, he insinuates that Islam is Abrahamic religion by refusing to draw a line, abortion, support for two stat solution..
This show was done while back, so U coul not have known..but look at now, Israeli government is horrified already..Palestinians like him for all the wrong reasons..U dont have to be conspirational theorist: Game theory from politics can be applied to him as well:) Goal of the game: Isolation of Israel, Israel over reacting, going by the rule of the majority, he "reluctantly" takes tough measures on Israel...Who is this guy? Who bowed down to Saudi King? Who is in Cairo now? Just a modern dude or the very danger for our western free way of life? Is he American thatcher like U brilliantly put it..Not first lady but first Black president, will he be remebered as first black president or the same as Thatcher, woman who left as in the mess?:)...Time to start standing against him and defending Israel's right to her land. Israel can borow social policies from Scandinavia etc..to make improve Palestinian situation and they are alreaydy developing the infrastructure in Eastern Jerusalem, May God Bless United Jewish Jerusalem!

I regularly write to Ed Gungors(NY Times Best Selling Author) Myspace blog..see the link from my page to his blog www.myspace.com/scandopunk

Here is short extract from one of the blog replies I wrote concerning Bible Prophecy, Obama and Israel...
I think in my earlier blog posts I have mentioned guy called Tom Hess, who has been watching and praying on top of the Mount Olives, East Jerusalem almost 30 yrs..he has put together indicators of
End times that are in the scripture...He thinks that Generation born 1967 onwards will probably see Jesus, this generation is called Joshua Generation, phew, I don't know about this neither does he...
but look at the scriptures and signs that are manifesting themselves right before our eyes stronger
than ever before, surely this should at least increase our faith in Jesus and at best sparkle us into action to proclaim Gospel to All Nations and Protect this blossoming Fig Three,Israel from the attempts of Pope, Obama, EU and Radical Islam to split the nation in two..These guys are most likely not the Anti Crhist, it is the Spirit of Anti Christ that is surfacing and riding on their back ;)..Funny obsevation not prohecy:

Recession,Pope, New Leader rising from obsecurity with Jewish Connection(Hitler had it) Target: Isolation of Jewish/Robbing them from their heritage plus Daniel's
prophesy of someone half/half bringing the false peace and order and then turning against Israel.U see speaking like this is like Hebrew thinking, not logic, just
obseving patterns,and as it is not direct word from God, error marigin is huge, but in case I never said it;)

Aaanyways, here is collection of scritures that definetly point Us that the nigh is near, thanks Tom Hess:

" Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, "I am He"
"The time is near"." Do not follow them". (Luke 21:8)
Jesus went even to specifics saying that they pray in the desert...Mohamed,Budha etc...how
specific!! Many Christians speak about spirits that align themselves with bible, and proclaim
to do miracles in Jesus' name, but by their fruits we shall know them..yep, Christian curch
has had them, many have exploited Jesus name and it is on the increase so we must be watchful

" When you hear of Wars and revolutions, do not be frightened. These things must happen first, but
the end will not come right away...Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom"
(Luke 21:9-10)
You cannot pull this statement out of hat, as in the old testament times there had been 1656 recorded arms races and after Jesus death in this relatively short period in compaparison there has
been 14,531 wars...(Hess) but hey, look how Jesus is not scare mongering, he just tells that this
all have to happen, but the end is not here yet, what an authority and pre knowledge, if he was fake
he could have cashed in here...:)

" There will be great earthquakes..in various places, and fearful events " (Luke 21:11)
Major earthquakes have been recorded as follows: The fourteenth century,157, the fifteenth century,174, the sixteenth century....and all the way up to nineteenth century figures like 2119..
And here comes the bomb, as of the third quater of 1992 nearly 900 000 (Hess)..I just heard
about non Christian Canadian research group confirming this, natural disasters have spiralled up
to 300 times the average at any point in the history of man, phew again..something is up. No prophet can predict
with this accuracy, you must be Son of God to know this..

Then Jesus mentions water and storms..Tsunami all these Hurricanes, New Orleans, the stuff that never happened is in a rapid increase, agree even non believing scientist, and climate change is not the only contributing factor here..phew, U must be Son of God to know this. Signs are getting stronger, I think it is time preach in the streets, wakey,wakey..all sleeping Chritians:)

"When they sprout leaves..The Kingdom of God is near" He then said , "This generation will certainly not pass away untill these things have happened"

He refers to Israel, Jewish coming back to Promised land, Jerusalem being united Jewish capital, all
this was a distant dream even in 1948 when Israel was created...in the 60's war Israel regained
control in Jerusalem...Obama&Pope and many Deceived Americans&Europeans and Arabs do not believe in physical Israel, but God and Devil most certainly do I believe, Jerusalem is the fiery furnace where all
these forces arm wrestle..hence the tension and supernatural international interest all the time....

Israel and Jewish Israel especially, is the fullfillment of Old Testament and New Testament prophecy...Just based on some rationale and sense of justice established by mere manly wisdom,
we are on the verge to insult God by robbing Jewish of their Promised Land...hey what about Palestininians some will say..In a God led Jewish Israel there will be justice to Gentiles and Philistinians and Poor,
but let's not help the Devil to win more time by supporting Obama,Pope and many one issue NGO's along Obama blessed Saudi plan, in their views to split Israel in two states...Israel indeed is God's time clock, and we are not helpless in doing everything we can to stop any attempt to divide Jewish Israel and getting blessed in our support for Jewish Israel. Those Who Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem shall prosper! In God fearing Israel, which the country soon will be, there will be social justice for all, but let's be honest the Land belongs to Jewish!

May God Bless U,