The Crucifixion

Crucifixion special (APRIL 2009)

(6 minutes)
What happened in the darkness on that first "Good Friday"? A short, thought-provoking conversation from the team.

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So good to hear discussion of

the reality of the moment of crucifixion in human terms - simple emotions that we can all understand, played out in those last hours when Jesus was fully man. When we reach that point of quite naturally being able to call 'Abba, Father', it is surely the moment when we too become simple and childlike again, (not childish) - children of God, and in the complete submission of Jesus to the Father, so we too come to a point of seeking to be in true obedience. Praise Him that we do not have to follow Our Lord and suffer physical crucifixion, but honour his death and rebirth through Believer's Baptism and hopefully in our lives where he is the prime focus thereafter. The Father turned His face away, surely both the Father and the Son knew the inevitability of it all as the only possible way of salvation for the world, Jesus too, had to look away from us, the sinners, how ugly we must look, for his eyes were looking to perfection in that moment when He and the Father were one. Love and blessings to you all at Saffronplanet. Enid.