Our Vision

Saffron Planet may be a new ministry, but the four families – or more specifically the male heads of the families – have all been around the block a few times. Steve Maltz has been responsible for the creation, development and marketing of many Christian websites, from Premier Radio to Revelation TV and is the founder of the Saltshakers Messianic website. Steve Jeffery has been responsible for the training of a whole generation of Christian media professionals and is currently the studio manager at Revelation TV. (Interestingly, the Maltz’s eldest son, Phil, is the studio manager at Premier.tv). Howard Werth has been running his own record label, Luminous, for many years now and has many Christian rock compositions under his belt. Chris Hill has been a tour leader to Israel (over 70 tours in 25 years!), a Principal of Christian Life Bible College, Director of Pilgrims Hall and resident Bible teacher at Mulberry House, as well as an itinerant teacher and preacher and broadcaster on Christian TV and radio.

Yet, the possibilities presented by Saffron Planet fill these world-weary souls with renewed excitement. With much of the Christian media infected by compromise, ineffectualness and even heresy, there needs to be new voices willing and able to speak up for true Biblical Christianity. The Christian media (particularly satellite TV stations) may have good intentions, but the current operational model often attracts compromise – large overheads mean large revenue needs that can only be fed by partnering with cash-rich ministries that tend to bring a lot of baggage to the table! Saffron Planet has seen this and experienced this, but can also see a way through it, a niche where we could operate without fear of financial over-commitments.

Working solely on the web has a two-fold advantage. The unregulated nature of the web is usually considered a curse, but can also be a blessing, allowing free expression of one’s faith, something that has become more and more of an issue on the airwaves and satellite channels. Also the overheads are much lower, without the need for transmission equipment, heavy duty servers or massive payments to satellite time providers.

Saffron Planet is and always will be just four families, supported by a band of trusted and motivated volunteers. We don’t wish to conquer the planet, reach one million/billion souls (though that would be an added bonus) or get rich on the gospel. We already have the skills and experience “in house” to provide a valid, original and relevant Christian witness to teach the Church and reach the lost. We believe that the best way to reach the ordinary is to be ordinary, without airs, graces or the sad trappings usually associated with media evangelists. The world needs to see Christians in the media with savvy, bite and transparent honesty, without a trace of snake-oil. Trust needs to be regained and earned.

Saffron Planet are already on the web, totally in our own steam, reaching many through our audio broadcasts. We are set up to use a variety of creative ways to reach and teach, from drama to distance learning and interactive video. The next step depends wholly on what resources the Lord provides, but here are some possibilities:

  • Live web broadcasts, using live streaming, building up to a daily schedule. This will enable us to comment on current affairs, with innovative provisions for user interactivity
  • Multi-location live chats, using VOIP technology, to gather together a group of experts to comment on a timely topic
  • Use of video technology more imaginatively than it is currently used in the Christian media, using the techniques of Computer Based Training and Interactive Video
  • Creating a multi-faceted Forum, allowing a wide variety of moderated discussions, including closed groups for leaders, missionaries etc
  • Building up Saffron Planet as a portal for Biblical Christianity, supporting and bringing together smaller ministries that are struggling to be heard among the cacophony.
  • Creating a Christian “brand” recognisable as a real, authentic and pure expression of Biblical Christianity