Florida Outpouring - R.I.P.?

The Florida Outpouring - THE EPITAPH ** NEW ** (SEPTEMBER 2008)

(46 minutes)

What is the aftermath of the fall of Todd Bentley to the Christian world? What are the responsibilities of those prophets, apostles and leaders who actively promoted him? What should we Christians have learnt from the whole episode?

As usual, expect a lively, controversial, but incisive discussion from our team and our special guest, a Biblical scholar of many years standing (though mostly sitting!).

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The Florida Outpouring - Update ** NEW ** (AUGUST 2008)

(60 minutes)

In this third update of the fast moving chain of events centred at Lakeland, Florida, we go deeper, in our analysis of the revival, its effects, expectations and needs, the nature of the Holy Spirit and the effect on the secular world. We also urge those who have testimonies (audio and pictures), both pro- and anti-, get into contact with us, so that we can help others (and ourselves) make an informed opinion.

As usual, expect a lively animated discussion from our team and guests.

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The Florida Outpouring - Update (July 2008)

(63 minutes)

A new discussion examining the Florida Outpouring, now three months down the line. Is it authentic and what are its implications? A rambling, balanced, entertaining and thought-provoking chat from our team.

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The Florida Outpouring - our initial thoughts (May 2008)

(33 minutes)

Hard hitting, controversial but balanced (and quirky) discussion on the "revival" happenings in Florida USA and Dudley UK.

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11Th SEPT 2008.

Woke up this morning and was a bit tired and so decided to meditate some.started meditating on some Scriptures like God's faithfulness .scriptures like :1corr 1:9 ''God is faithful ...''1thes 5:23-24 ''And the very God of Peace ....Faithful is He ...''Hebrews 10:23''Let us hold fast ...; (for he is faithful that promised;)''Gen 8:22 ''While the earth remaineth ...
''While i meditated on the above for a while i started mixing it up with Holy spirit scriptures like :John 14:26But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, ... .John 16:13Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, ... .

While i meditated on the above scriptures,i had a quick vision:

I was in a kind of gathering,fellowship.Then suddenly one of the ELDERLY in this meeting came from the back of the congregation and started flogging a young man in the meeting towards my back.His reason while He did this was that the young man was too young to be there.

There was a little bit of a commotion.While some people supported him ,some didn't.
Suddenly i saw that in the front of the meeting place were now gathered and standing together all the Elders.By now i had gotten the BIG cane he was using.

The gathering of the Elders in front were trying to king of suppress the protest and appeared to be winning.People did not want to be kind of seen to oppose them.By this time i enraged , was standing right in front of them in front of the congregation , somehow backing the congregation.If you are standing in front and facing the congregation,i was standing towards the left hand side of the front and if you were backing the congregation,i was at the right hand side.

All of a sudden ,the whole place became quiet and i heard the following words come out of my mouth:


Is important also to note that when those words came out of my mouth,those ELDERS who were initially trying to use their STATUS as 'ELDERS that have to be respected' and were therefore intimidating the people were nodding by now including the one who was doing the flogging.

The word until above is underlined because it stood up still in my spirit even after the vision.
Also note that the word get means that some body is searching or looking for something which in this case is TRUTH.

When i came out of this vision,i went and searched all the scriptures that has to do with Judgement/Truth.I have spent hours reading , studying them and praying to get ALL what the Lord Is Saying.THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TALKING TO THE LEADERSHIP OF THE BODY OF CHRIST,THE CHURCH.The word 'Get' means:receive; obtain; purchase; take; understand.This means that The Elders i.e the Leaders of the body of Christ,the Church ,is been trying to OBTAIN OR ACQUIRE , RECEIVE OR UNDERSTAND TRUTH without DEALING WITH JUDGEMENT. And the Lord is saying NO.


Have the Leaders of the Church now become like Pilate?.Pilate was sitting in the JUDGEMENT HALL on the JUDGEMENT THRONE and was asking ''What is Truth?'.How about that.He knew that Jesus was innocent judging from even the allegation made against him by the Jewish leaders alone.I mean even without Jesus' own defence.Even his wife eventually sent to warn Pilate against having any thing to do with that just man having been warned prior in the night before.God does not do a thing with out first warning,remember?... .So Pilate knew the truth.He knew that Jesus was innocent,he knew that the Jews were WRONG,but his problem was his POSITION.He did not want to loose his Gubernatorial position.So in order to maintain his position,he had to miscarry Justice and still had the Audacity to ask 'what is truth'.Many there be in the Leadership position in the Church today who do not want to come out and judge righteous judgement just so that they don't loose their position.Bible says that if we judge ourselves we will not be judged and now is the time to do so.JUDGEMENT WILL BEGIN IN THE HOUSE HOLD OF CHRIST REMEMBER?.

I tremble as i write this,because this,judgement is a topic that does not make for palatable reading or preaching ,yet we do not have to fear so much ,but this is a call for real self examination.Personally ,i have been conscerating,rededicating and repenting (where i think i need to) since this year,yet after this word from the Lord ,i have been re examinig again,just,just to be sure all is well.
1corr 11:31:
For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. 32But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

We will be coming back with further insight into these as the Lord Permits.




NB:My Blogsite:http://www.nd-king.blogspot.com
My Email address:nd@ephrath.org



Oh dear, Todd's not God!

Apparently they had been having counselling for 2 years already - without telling anyone! That is deception, hiding away such a flaw from folk when, at the same time, promoting himself as a leader of the "revival". At the very least it is dishonest and I feel so sorry for those good people who put their trust in him. All I can say is that it's not the first time a Christian "leader" has allowed himself to be hoisted on a pedestal only to stumble off, carrying with him the hopes and expectations of others.

THE MORAL: Don't put your faith in men - just God himself. If we put our faith in the "Todd Bentley's" then we are no better than Catholics or cult members.

Perhaps this nonsense will go away now.

Theodore Dusty

Without telling anyone?

So next time you are having an issue in your life, you feel that every body in the church should know.

So Todd should have stood up and said to the world "Before I start to move in the power of God, let me just tell you that me and my wife have been in marriage counseling for a couple of years.

Get real. People face issues and they try to get through them.

Todd Bentley

Whatever else happened the name of our Lord Jesus was lifted high all over the world from Lakeland. God didn't scratch His head & say .... wow didn't see that one coming... I believe he looks upon the movements of a persons heart towards Him. Todd may have had a weakness in his life but from what I have seen of him in ministry the fact that shone bright was that he has an intimate relationship with Jesus, he dosen't just "know" about Him it is very apparent that he has relationship "with" Him. Even Abraham, King David, Moses, Peter etc had "issues" (I wonder what the press would have done with them in our day)... "For to him who has shown no mercy the judgement (will be) merciless, but mercy (full of glad confidence) exults victoriously over judgement" James 2 v 13 AMP ....Mercy triumphs over judgement.
Theodore..."The Lord bless you & watch, guard & keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon & enlighten you & be gracious (kind merciful & giving favour) to you. The Lord lift up His (approving countenance upon you & give you peace (tranquility of heart & life continually). Num 6 vs 24-26 AMP
With love in Christ ... Gilly

Todd Bentley

I am new to Christianity and have been watching Todd Bentley now and again at the outpouring. If it was not for his enthusiasm and belief in God then I would have just turned away from watching the Florida outpouring. I also believe that through Todd's presentations he was not putting himself forward on a pedestal and did continually in his preaching mention that he was basically a vessel for God to work through him. As a new Christian I also thought that the way he put the word of God across was excellent and that is what pulled me towards God. I suppose if it was not for him I would not be interested in the works of God. I would have turned away if it was a stuffy boring preacher and from what I have seen there are many. Todd was put there for a reason and I bet he has pulled thousands towards the faith of God.
In relation to his personal problems so what? Yes we are all human and I believe that Christians do not put their faith in men but in God. Christian's are also not stupid they have read the bible and know not to put their faith in men as it is written many times in the bible not to do this. What good would it have done if Todd had revealed way at the beginning that he was having marital problems, this surely would have taken away the message that he was trying to get across. We all have these mistakes in our lives and we do not go around telling the whole world of them we work through them I believe and take them to the Lord and ask him to forgive us not the people we are preaching too. I hope that Todd and his wife get through this, I am sure they will with the support and love of God and their friends and family.

As for Theodore Dusty's comment of saying 'perhaps this nonsense will go away now' I find this extremely off putting as a new Christian are we not to forgive our brothers and sisters and try and support them in any way we can? You look to me like one of these old stuffy practicing Christians that puts people off from connecting with God. I would rather listen to a million Todd Bentleys even with his personal problems and all than listen to you. I also dont like the way you single out catholics and cult members they are also children of God even though they are going in the wrong direction but it is up to us as Christians I believe to try and infiltrate their way of thinking and advise them of our faith rather than singling them out as if they have a disease.

I wish Todd Bentley all the best and hope him and his wife get back on track one way or another. As I said before if it was not for his enthusiasm and belief I would not have been pulled towards Christianity.

Paula from Scotland

its good that you have come

its good that you have come to the lord and god will use any situation for his glory but it also says in the bible that even the very elect would be fooled so let us not be fooled by a man who promotes God mainly through himself and if God is in it it will last if he is not it will fall to the ground and die. lots of love in him xxxxxx

Todd Bentley

Well put Paula. For a young Christian you sound more mature than most supposed to be matured christians. I believe too that judgement and truth go hand in hand and as far as the bible goes, there is only one righteous judge - God Himself, who wisely advised us to judge not as He is the only One who knows that absolute truth that qulaifies Him to be the Righteous Judge. I must admit I am one who came to Todd's ministry cautiously but came to enjoy it. One of my guiding principles was the command not to judge, even when I thought he made comments that were not prudent. Whenever I thought something he said or did was flawed I remembered the ultimate precept 'do not put your trust in princes or men'. Amazingly I only heard about this yesterday (4th Oct) through a letter from God TV. The letter hinted at marital problems but didn't go into much detail so I did not know about the split just googled Todd's name ... Anyway just wanted to encourage you Paula. I pray that you will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and Peace to you. Mary from London.

He's only Human!

God can use any person he chooses. Todd has fallen like many big leaders, however he is just a MAN, HUMAN and he is not perfect. Put youself in his shoes, it is a great responsibility to carry , could you do it ?? remember who is without sin please cast the first stone ? we are ever ready to cast the first stone, but unable to see the beam in our own eyes! . I am praying for him and his family at maybe the sadest part of his life.

Sister Janet Royal

RE: Todd Bentley

Love the letter , real and to the point. Sadly people like to grind one another down even more when we fall down. What we should do is pick up our brother and pray God pieces back the family. Darren Evans. England.

I agree with several things

I agree with several things you have said. No, Todd is not God! We cannot simply put our faith in men. Also I agree that we need to walk in the light: all of us as Christians are in positions of authority and the way we live our lives is on display to the world, which we can never forget. The enemy is particularly focused on our families and will stop at nothing to destroy marriages if we do not face up to reality. I know of several couples who are in danger of the same thing happening, and this event has led me to seek God on whether I need to speak the truth in love. This is what real chuch is about: making love our greatest aim. Love is often very tough, however.

What I would challenge in your comment is that Todd promoted himself.
First there's the ungodliness within us that almost relishes seeing a Christian fall. How this grieves God! We are on His side despite our differences!
I know most people knew nothing about Todd Bentley until recently or perhaps knew that he had healing conferences in Africa, or shouted a lot. I urge you to find out about his personal journey as it is humbling.
Personally I struggle to listen to him for more than a short time, but I realise this is a problem on my part. In many ways Todd's 'outward packaging' offends me. If I am honest I know that it is my mind that is being offended however and I have to keep coming to God and asking Him to perfect me in love. For I refuse to let my issues get in the way of seeing God at work. God has moved mightly through Todds life because Todd was desperate to see the lost saved and the ill healed. I refuse to discredit him/the outpouring purely because Todd happens to have a part of his life that is not perfect. The fruit of this time has been genuine for the most part. I know people who have not only been healed but their lives have been transformed either through going to Florida or through God TV. They are going out and doing what they know they were born to do. According to scripture, signs of healing, deliverance 'will follow those who believe' (ie all Christians). If these signs are not part of our daily lives, then I ask the question: who is being deceived?
Sue Farinha

Its not the enemy without

Its not the enemy without which destroys marriages. Its the enemy within its our own old nature. If only Christians would understand its whats in us thats evil.

Todd Bentley

All through the Bible God used guys who were far from perfect, eg David Thats the wonderfull grace of God, Even Jesus was concieved to a young girl who wasn't married. He did this to show that he came to save the sinner not the sinless. It great to think God uses the ordinary imperfect people of this world. It just gets me mad when so called Christians and the I am perfect Ministers and leaders pour scorn on someone who as done more than they probably will ever do for God. Instead of praying and supporting him. I agree with everything you have wrote Sue, God Bless you - Jeff Pearson

Speaking the truth in Love

Yes, difficult and admirable - when advice is sought ! But Christians have a nasty habit of thinking we know best sometimes in a very, very personal and private relationship. Barging in, in the name of 'love' (human love) where God is doing a work of His own can do more harm than good. On the question of healing, yes Our Lord and His Disciples brought physical healing, but the prime message of his death and crucifixion is the healing of souls, which only Almighty God, through His Son, Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, can bring about through new birth. Doubting Thomas had to see physical wounds before he would believe and 'how much more blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed'. (John 20.29) Every BLessing. .

Leave him alone

Theodore, let them get on with trying to save their marriage and stop digging into him. I'm sick of your 'type' (you know what i mean, i'm sure) who mock us as soon as we show any signs of being human. Christianity is not nonsense.

For Oscar

Oscar I'm interested to know what you mean by 'your type'???


For Daisy

A Jew, basically. He thinks we are all deluded!

do you believe Jesus is your

do you believe Jesus is your messiah

Yes I do. He was a model

Yes I do. He was a model Christian, and the benchmark of righteousness, and the son of God.

Very rude

Oscar I find your tone very rude and I hope you were joking. You should never judge a person the way you have done, that's is obviously very un-Christian and not even relevent to the arguement, as many Christians do not agree or support Todd Bentley, and just because Dusty doesn't support him doesn't mean he is Jewish!

Why should I?


This Bentley person was quite happy when his followers were building him up, lauding him and slobbering all over him, hey God TV even called it the "Todd Bentley Florida Outpouring!". How can he allow himself to be swept along on all this hype and expectation when he had a broken marriage even before these shenanigans started! Family first, I say - and he's failed on that count. What about his kids?


God can use anyone?

Consider this... Abraham's track record with women was abysmal, but he was still favoured by the Lord; King David was mightily used of God, and we all know what he did to a certain woman's husband so he could 'have' her; Saul had Christians killed in God's name - Stephen for example - but ended up being an Apostle... look, being imperfect does not prevent a person being used by the Lord or being in His family. In fact being perfect is surely self-righteousness, the 'look at how good I am' of the Pharisees, since we should lean on the perfection of Jesus and not on our own goodness. Yes, we should avoid sin (should we sin so grace should abound? - the answer is NO) but... it could be argued that this couple's problems are an attack of Satan, persecution brought about precisely because they were doing what God wants them to do! Read the Book of Job, for example ... and in NT terms we are guaranteed persecution if we are being effective for the Kingdom of Heaven, not from the Lord but from the enemy (and it can be argued that in context Paul's thorn in the flesh was just such persecution from people).

John Wesley's wife apparently hated him and they were effectively separated and his family life was in ruins. Would anyone suggest that this great Christian was not effective, not a true believer, and not a leader of the true Church? It is more likely that those who opposed him were 'lukewarm' and stuck in tradition which scripture says can make the Word of God of no effect... and Revelation has something really deeply unpleasant to say about those who are indifferent to God, the lukewarm in the Church and the world.

To sum up, surely we should pray for Todd and his wife and not gloat, or what does our reaction to the news say about us, about our hearts?

Let's face it, we do not and cannot know the heart of Todd and his wife, but we can know that we can lift them up before the Lord: if you really don't take to them, well you're supposed to pray for your enemies and those who persecute you! Let us do the Word and not just hear it, brothers and sisters.

Grace & Peace,


I agree

Richard I agree. Just look at Jesus himself.. he was far from orthodox in his teachings and with the company he kept. Then again I find it positively alarming that the revival is all but over now that Todd has departed from the scene. I wonder if we're going to get a comeback appearance from him after his domestic troubles have been settled.

In the meantime I'll have to make do with the second coming of Christ, and I can imagine when that happens there'll be a lot less hand shaking. Unless you're going to hell..


In the end of the day we're called to trust and love God and certainly not to rely on personalities no matter how excellent they are. I admire many Christian leaders but... people will let us down, and we will let other people down, but God is good and will not do that - and Jesus is the way... the only way... so amen!

Is the revival over, or is it just that God TV isn't covering it so we can't see it on our screens now? (I'm not trying to be clever saying that, I really don't know - can anyone enlighten us?).


Florida/Dudley Outpouring

After listening to one of the debates on the examination of the Florida/Dudley outpouring. I'de like to say to all thows who feel the need to question the authenticity of the current revival, go and see for yourselves!!!!!!!!! I did.
The church is Revival Fires, 117-120 Wolverhampton st, Dudley, DY1 3AL. website; www.revivalfires.org.uk

God Bless

God TV deceiving the nations

The Prosperity Gospel that God TV so much favours is nothing but a pack of lies from the serpent of old!

Tony Crook
UK crooky777@aol.com

Florida outpouring

In my previous correspondence a line was inadvertently omitted.
Benny Hinn stressed that this move or happening WAS NOT OF GOD. Please read this line at line 6. I am sorry for any confusion here.
Robin Lawrie

That makes more sense now!

That makes more sense now!

Florida Outpouring

Dear folks,
I would like to register a few comments about the Florida outpouring.
If this is a genuine move of God... Great! There's a couple of things that I have reservations about, though: Last year during a God TV Missions Week
broadcast Benny Hinn was a guest and during or after a time of prayer
he prophesied there would be a phenomenon this year that would have all the appearances of a Christian revival.
I am only going from memory so please forgive me my account of this is a bit sketchy. Benny prophesied that this phenomenon would sweep
America and lots would flock to it.
I am a wee bit perplexed because I know not of any other phenomenon at present that would fit what Benny was talking about other than the Florida Outpouring.
Is there any other happening that is sweeping the States this year? Was Benny talking from his own mind? Or, is there something to be concerned about regarding the Florida Outpouring.
Yours sincerely,
Robin Lawrie

Maybe God TV were planning it

Maybe God TV were planning it all along!

Todd Bentley

Apparenty according to some reports Todd Bentley has been "endorsed" by some "outstanding and respected leaders "[some of whom have had severe doubts cast on their own ministries!!!]but this does not automatically authenticate his "ministry". .Please consider the following carefully.[a]has he been linked to William Branham and John Lake who are regarded as heretical?? [b]have there been a consistent verification by EXTERNAL sources of authenticity of the "miracles" performed at his meetings??[c]Are the gatherings at Lakeland conducted in the fashion they should be as laid out in the Book of Corinthians??? [d]I have already asked the question"can anyone explain the neccesity for the very obvious and blatant "whipping up" of the congregation by those in charge,the use of repetitive chorus singing ,the exhortation that "something was going to happen",the extreme body movements and headshaking.Are there ever times when those who are responsible for the frenzy recall the words "be still and know that I am God"??? [e]Regarding his looks I know John The Baptist did not "conform" to the norm but why would God "instruct" Todd to cover himself in Tattoos which are more likely to be associated with those who are involved in deeply unscriptural practices??? [f]We are instructed to "test the Spirits" 1st John 4v1 ,"weigh up CAREFULLY what has been prophesied" 1st Corinthians 14v29 .We are told that God "is not a God of disorder but of peace" 1st Cor14v33 Can any of those "apologetics" for Todds "ministry" honestly say they have applied that criteria??? and finally I have yet to come across a defendant of his who have used any Scriptural references to "back up" their defence of the aforesaid!!! Does this not speak volumes???!!!!

Todd Bentley

Spot on,you hit the nail on the head.There seem to be far too many 'Godly experiences 'in christian circles today that cannot be corroberated in Gods Word.I'll stick to trusting in Gods Word thanks,wolves in sheeps clothing and all that!!If indeed we are to lovingly embrace all who stand up and claim to be christian teachers,why did God feel the need to warn us many many times of false teachings/prophets,wolves etc.Using discernment is not being hypocritical and judgmental.Chuck out the rubbish and hold on tight to what's God.See you in Heaven(hopefully!).
Thank God for Jesus.

You are taking us from the subtle jaws of satan.

God bless you for every second you spent exposing the killing quaters of satan. May you never be tired and may God give you long life to continue being a source of life for the world.
God bles you.

Godfrey Chika

Todd Bentley

I wish to endorse everythng you have said. In fact at the time of the so called blessing that was happening in Toronto which this is just an extention of the same. The Lord was using me to cast out the demons out of the people that were active in that false revival a few years ago.
Only 2 years ago I prophesied that some would happen that would proport itself t be a move of God as the demons that entered the Church then mostly had not been dealt with, and here we have it. What is needed is an Oasis for those that are caught up in this move to be set free from the demons of the dead that are invading the Church of Jesus Christ. Leviticus Ch 19 v 28 talks about Body peircing for the dead, ( obviously the Lord is talking about spirits of the dead) this also includes tattoos, both of which this man has prostituted himself to.

Machinations of Men & Todd Bentley

A few years ago I received a prophetic utterance by way of the Spirit, and - well I make no claim to be super-spiritual but it made me 'sit up' as it were and consider Christ's sacrifice more closely and thankfully. Jesus as the Son of Man suffered agonies of His soul in the Garden _ Father if it be Thy will ...and was seriously searching for a different way in case He had misheard God. My input told me that Jesus searched His Father's heart for another Way, perhaps without the humiliation of the Cross, and the degradation this entailed. Nevertheless, He knew that the Way of the Cross was His Father's will, and as always "not my will but thine" But what if Jesus had said, "No not this way Father, surely, I will defend Myself out from the Cross and choose another way, less demeaning but one that will surely please you. Remember Jesus had legions of angels at His command through the Father. What if He had chosen another path? I believe that through a less than Perfect submission to the Father's will, the wrath of God would have vented itself upon all of mankind, and all of creation would have been subsumed in His wrath . We would never had existed, and we would not as we have today, being creatures of choice - to choose Life in Christ instead of eternal death. My point, get it all into prespective, honour God and NEVER man however wonderful his works may seem to be. I can not be side-lined in any of the neo charismatic movements of men - I live close to Christ - we must all do the same.



Todd Bentley

Like you I am not sure about this man, but, he does say there is nothing in him and it is Jesus that he is proclaiming
I think of 1st Corinthians Does the scripture not say there about foolish things?Maybe we need to open our eyes, not condem out right this time
Maybe this is a wake up call for us Christians , we are too complacent , and do not like change
I wonder how many thought Martin Luther and men like etc, how were they responded to by the Chrstians of their day
We cannot judge This Florida outpouring until we see the end of it and the results ie people being saved . My husband wwas finally convinced of God's power in his life when he was prayed for in Edinburgh when the Toronto team came to minister , he was slain in the spirit and couldn't get up (he is 6ft and a large guy , then he was in the firebrigade and fighting fit and by the way he has was brought up in a very evangelical meeting, the brethereOh and byt the way wasn't Jesus considered heretical by the Misisters/church of his time?

I thought the same as you

I thought the same as you until a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the fence not knowing if this was genuine or not. I have also been to christian camps and have witnessed God's hand on people so I'm not really against "new" methods.
You compare Bentley with Martin Luther. Luther wrote his theses in accordance with the bible which he translated from the latin into German and he looked for the discrepancies between church and bible teaching. His findings were bible based and unveiled many malpractises of the Catholic church which later led to the reformation.
I prayed for the Lord to show me what was the truth here so I went to look for answers trawling the net for eyewitness accounts and u-tube clips. I found as many for as I found against. It was when watching of the contra accounts I was made aware that other religions have experienced manifestations like the ones experienced at Lakeland too. This in turn makes me wonder what exactly has been happening there and at other meetings. What have we been allowing ourselves to believe.
We are often told to have a childlike faith which is what Jesus himself told us. What exactly is childlike? Trusting.... Ok, have you ever talked to a six-year old? They have more questions than you could ever answer! Maybe this is what we are required to do then instead of leaving our brains behind when we enter through the door at church.
We should worship in Spirit and truth. The truth being found in the bible!
another guest

Article on Todd Bentley

I have written an article on my website for all to consider. See www.prodigalthought.com. I try and look at both sides of the coin. Hopefully it is helpful, encouraging and challenging.


florida outpourings

Let us not kill the messenger - but hear the message. God doesn't change. He loves us, sinners all. It is our reaction to His Love that has always been in doubt, and generations after the greatest miracle of all, His coming to earth as man, we are still stubborn, blind and full of ego. Don't expect those who may be blessed in the present healings to become mature Christians overnight when the church has had several lifetimes ! Perhaps it is a last chance to wake up, to turn around and put our house in order.
If we put on the armour of God, as he tells his true disciples to do, one of those requirements is feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven

Florida Revival

So what do people think? It's hard to sit on the fence on this one!

Todd Bentley

He loves God and has brought countless to faith in Christ. This can only be good and of God. Praise God that He has raised up such a man for this day. My life has been transformed for good through watching him on God TV.


As you said, lets just wait and see. Things happening fast though

Florida Outpouring

I first came across this just today on god tv, and started to do some research as I am always looking for a church that measures up to scripture and has an outpouring of the holy spirit.

This being said I have yet to find a revival movement that is purely scriptural based and this one is no different if all I have read today is true.

Just looking over some of Todd Bentley preaching I find it hard to believe he is a man of God, he come across more like some kind of new age faith healer.

This is just my opinion but I would say this is yet an other deception to lead the faithful away from God.

Shocking discovery

I found out few years ago that some peope call Jesus and still chip in lots of sound teachings. It is like this, 1000000 X 0 = 0. Any little touch of satanic things overtakes the lot. This is the reason people are woried and concerned. Any contact to satanic things may lead to serious mental problems later even after some apparent bodily healing.
Pastor Godfrey Chika Igboegwu

Revival? or Reformation

After reading all the hype and the news about Todd Bently I agree
with David Pawson.. the church mainstream is dead and lost the plot...
why would God want to revive it.. the charasmatic arm is so much
open to deception and becomes a public side show...

We need to be praying for REFORMATION... not REVIVAL
a grass roots reformation that Luther began and is yet to be completed before the return of Jesus Christ to set up His Kingdom. Jesus is Lord and the only superstar. He is the one we venerate and not a man and certainly not a ministry. When the Holy Spirit is genuine he brings
conviction of sin which cannot be ignored as in this wonderful testimony by Candace. There are no side show antics here and is quite a contrast to all the latest Todd Bently stuff on God tv.
God bless all who reads and hears this testimony.
Maranatha Lord Jesus !

Revival? or Reformation

I think you have hit the nail on the head. I think people misunderstand what revival actual is and it's purpose. I believe it is not primarily for the unsaved but for the Church first. The aim is to restore the church to it's first love of God and as this occours the lost are convicted of sin and brought in:

"If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14.

So often when this is quoted it is a paraphrase omiting the need for the church to come to repentance first. I have studied a lot of the previous revivals and a common theme in all was the church spending hours in prayer weeping before Almighty God, sure in their salvation but aware of their total unworthiness before a Holy and a Sovereign God. As they poured out their prayers God did hear and many flocked to the church crying out for God to forgive them. Many testified to walking miles to Church not konwing where or why there were going only that they felt a compulsion to do so.

It is not my place to sit in judgement on Todd Bentley or his minsitry. However, on the parts I have seen I have not noticed anyone crying out to God in repentance only in self serving along the lines of 'More Lord give me more Lord'. ME. ME. Apologies if I have missed anything different - and yes I know we are to ask God of what have need of but the emphaises seems to be more on self. As a church we need to put God back in his rightful place, and learn again of the Holy and Sovereign God we are privelleged to call Father through the selfless giving of His one and only Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Revival or Reformation

Your comments (have you a name?) are correct - so is David Pawson in his diagnosis of today's so called charismatic church. I always feel safer reading these sensible comments, rather than the saccharin coated responses that generally prevail. Oddly enough I get more satisfaction talking to a Witness where there are clear cut differences you can put your hat on as it were! Fresh Fire Ministries, not just T.B. - is so all embracing that sometimes it is like trying to get hold of jellie. No, this ministry is leading no-one to God by way of Salvation, Todd has never been called to preach the Word of God, he does not and he cannot as the Gospel he purports to 'preach' has no power. Remember that narrow is the gate and strait the way that leads to Salvation - it has never been an instant matter, even though Alpha course promoters say that Salvation can be taught as if it might be akin to the Catholic Truth Society teaching! To be worthy of our Lord & Saviour there is a walk to be walked after the talk and this is where countless thousands stumble. Am I judging? Perish the thought as Christ is Judge of all things to come. So I agree that REFORMATION is desperately needed on the basis that many true seekers urgently need gifted teaching - as inspired by the Holy Spirit and one of the Gifts of the Holy spirit - to right the nonsensical claims that millions are been sept into the Kingdom Daily by T.B. - Bonkke - Chalke - Hinn et al. Anyone agree or does the superficial so easily satisy?

So True!

You hit the nail on the head when you said it: "many true seekers urgently need gifted teaching - as inspired by the Holy Spirit and one of the Gifts of the Holy spirit"
Where are the teachers???
Where are the leaders who are willing to practice discernment??? or even listen to those in the congregation who do!
What I see is proud leaders who, for their own lack of humility, are leading their congregations straight toward the precipice.
Sadly, we will see how this works itself out in their congregations.


Gifted Teaching

Thanks Rosie, yes ~ where are the teachers? You only have to 'stand out' even in humiliy wishing to serve and having no agenda of your own, wanting to be encouraged by the 'so-called' leadership so that your God given gifts can be utilised & what happens. Suspicion, even jealousy perhaps ending in you having to leave. I had the strangest thing occur once, in a smallish congregation & the leader was in his early 30's ~ standing up & praying as I thought in the grace of the Holy Spirit. Later I was censured for 'implied criticism of the eldership and leaders (all 3 of them) and would I please be more considerate next time!' In other words my praying must have had, as I don't remember, words in it that seemed to imply some element of criticism! Weird! Concluding, there is an awesome dearth of real spirituality in most fellowships/churches that call themselves evangelical/charismatic. Plenty of copy-cat stuff, parody & likewise, but no Holy Spirit Divine Love based presence in congregation or individual ~ with exceptions. The simple answer may well be
"I-Chabod" - "God's glory has departed" (see 1 Sam.4:21)