What is Christianity?


(56 minutes)

Hi guys, Simon here. I've got to tell you about this Christianity Special, it's one of our favourites. It was recorded in July - as usual we invited a few friends round for our monthly Saffron Planet session, including my aunt and her friend, Steve. It was all going as per usual, with the usual quips and irreverant banter, until one of us bought up the Bible as a talking point.

What developed was an hour-long argument centred on two completely different interpretations of the Bible and of Christianity as a whole. Steve is of the belief that the Old Testament is monumentally flawed, that the creation story is more symbolic poetry than literal truth, and that the journey made by the Jewish people in the OT was contradictory to the ways of Christ and certainly not God's will.

Arguing against this view is Howard, Steve and Louie.

Maybe you have an altogether different view and we'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below and join this special debate!

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