Jade Goody - tragedy or circus?

Jade Goody Special ** NEW ** (FEBRUARY 2009)

(37 minutes)

Reality TV star Jade Goody is dying and we are all witnessing the process. Are we Christians being sucked into the media circus or do we need to engage more with this story?
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Forgive me for commenting on

Forgive me for commenting on the article without having listened to the download, but your assumption in the description is perhaps unfounded... "We are all witnessing the process" - perhaps those who subscribe to living TV, OK Magazine or click on the sub links to explore further from a main internet news web site are "witnessing the process", but i would suggest that many who don't wish to get sucked into the reality TV love affair find it very easy to avoid, in fact much of the atheist world is fed up and critical about the TV exposure given to this unfortunate young lady.

Jane Goody

am with the first writer on this, this is a sick society we live in, with unscrupulous people exploiting the weak for considerable gain and if we cann't do anything to improve things, we certainly don't have to be like 'voyeurs' wallowing in it all. However, to rise above all that, it is a joy to know that Jade had a service of Christening in hospital this week. Personally, I believe in Adult Baptism when we have heard and understood the Gospels and grasp it with Joy; nevertheless, surely every Christian should give thanks that she finally came to submission , to learn something of Jesus Christ and God's will for all people May God grant her true peace and quiet dignity at this time. Her prime motive was clearly to provide financially for her two sons at any cost, but the price they have already paid is a high one. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. They will need the 'tough love' that only a good father can give, and the gentle love of a contented mother., a rare combination which few children enjoy, but already their path will not be easy. May God Bless and guide them to turn to Him for their strength and comfort, rather sooner than did their mother. (Enid)