Issue #20 : March 12th 2010


Still churning out material from our Justin Peters session. Part 2 of our audio stream is now available at - this is less about naming names and more about looking at the whole shebang with the eyes of real faith.

As you've probably seen, we're starting to film our sessions (thank goodness for the small viewing window) and the first three of our Justin sessions are available on the right hand side of our home page or through Youtube in the "saffronplanet" channel - we would appreciate it if you can view these, recommend them, comment on them and send them to a friend ...

We're meeting again in a fortnight and trying out some new sets (i.e. moving from our dining room into our lounge!) and perhaps some new formats. Please pray for this session on the 28th March.

Speak to you soon,


Comments :

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