Issue #21 : November 16th 2010


Yes we're back - sorry about the long gap (or perhaps you're relieved?), but, due to Louie's brief exile to Israel, we had been short on personnel and so things died down a bit.

The first release is a 30 minute "catch up", where Louie tells us what drew him to work in Israel and how he found himself back home after 10 weeks or so. We also cover the issues of family relationships and how we should really read the Bible. It's on

We are planning to meet over the next couple of months to produce 10 sessions under the theme of "The Life", looking back to the early Church to find better ways for the modern Church to do its stuff. The first session, on God, will be published probably next week.

Until then, we're glad to be back - hope you are too (let us know if so - by email at not on the website as we are engulfed with spam there in our "comment" section! Grrrrr!)