Issue #17 - 14th November 2009

Shalom friend,

I must admit that I've been neglecting this website lately, it had dropped quite low in my list of priorities - just below helping to tidy my office. The fact is that traffic had been low and feedback negligible - but then I get this phone call from the USA and, it seems that "Our colonial cousins" love us! It's those delightful english accents, apparently - hopefully it's also something to do with the style and content as well!

So I made a special effort and have uploaded a new programme to

It's on the "healing business", our response to a recent visit to London by yet another American healing mission. As usual we pull no punches and just let it flow ...

Interestingly we have been promised a visit early next year by Justin Peters, who's probably the most informed guy around on these "TV evangelists" and the prosperity gospel. He even did his degree thesis on Benny Hinn! So watch out for that special programme in February.

That's all for now, folks! Be blessed!


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