Issue #15 - 21st May 2009

Welcome friend,

In one of our talks I mentioned three possible paths for Saffron Planet - red, amber or green, corresponding to traffic light signals. We hoped for Green, but I believe we got Amber. There's nothing like a bit of honesty between believers and my honest assessment from the total lack of response to our fundraising drive and, curiously, the drop in visits since CRE (which was meant to increase visits!), is that the Lord is saying to us, "Hey, your time hasn't come yet, so just continue as you're doing and let's wait and see". If the Lord has not moved folk to support the ministry or added numbers to our listeners, then we have to sit up and take notice. His word must be final on this.

So what this means is that we'll continue doing what we do, a new programme will still be added weekly and the odd tweak or two now and again. What I can't do is spend any more money on marketing - which is where you come in. If you all make a concerted effort to tell one friend/associate a week about us (just a short email with our web address and the note, 'hey, try this out, this has really blessed me'), then that will be fine and dandy.

The reason for this, I believe, is that I'm going to need to spend more time promoting my book (How The Church lost The Way ... and how it can find it again - available now at We had a successful launch last week - including a "Saffron Planet" with a live audience (uploaded soon) - and I've got a few speaking engagements lined up. This is what I need to do in the near future and, as I can't do this and spend extra time developing Saffron Planet (as well as doing my day job, that supports me financially), something had to give!

Our shop is now launched – go to, for the book, my past books and the new series of low cost booklets we are launching. Go on, have a peek! Also listen to our programme on the book and the John Pantry interview.

Many blessings


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