Issue #5 – 12th March 2009

Welcome friend,

So, did you listen to our latest chat, “Does God really love the World”? Provocative title and a provocative broadcast. It may have seemed open-ended, but we feel that is a good thing. After all, who are we to proclaim “Thus sayeth the Lord” and imply that the matter is resolved. Matters are never fully resolved and we know that the broadcast has sent many of you (and us) deeper into the Word, which can’t be a bad thing. We will be continuing our look at this subject in our next session later this month. We’ll keep you posted!

We are thrilled, excited and mysteriously warmed by the addition of Chris Hill to our team. A Bible teacher since ancient days, Chris will ensure that the narrow way is the road we follow. In case you haven’t noticed we have short daily devotionals by the great teacher himself, so do visit and learn more about the Beatitudes, the current series.

For those of you with Sky, you can find us on Trans World Radio (channel 0138) every Saturday at 10:30, straight after Martin Lloyd Jones, a transition that just screams “culture-shock”! We are also on Northsound 2 (medium wave) for those of a North-East Scottish persuasion, every Sunday Night at 9pm.

We are surprised at the low take-up of our incredibly generous offer of free tickets for the forthcoming Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher in May. If you want to visit us (and receive a free gift!) we are giving away free tickets to CRE, first come first served. Up to 2 tickets per person that you can use on any day. Just email us with your name and address. Tickets will be mailed out by the end of March. Go on – drop us a line – we still don’t hear from around 96% of you!

Come now to and be blessed. Also drop us a line at And, most importantly, please pray for us, for resources and wisdom. We especially need to figure out how we’re going to pay for CRE!

Many blessings


P.S. Don’t forget to visit our “Tell a Friend” feature at

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