Issue #4 – 5th March 2009

Welcome friend,

Thanks to the half dozen or so folk who contacted us last week I don’t feel quite so alone, but would love to keep hearing from you all. Did you listen to our Apostate Church recording and, if so, what did you think? Did you spot the bombshell statement? It was to do with the love of God and, in the tea break after the session, my darling wife Monica challenged Chris Hill on this and the result can be heard this weekend!

Starting next week will be daily devotionals. They are by Chris Hill and are truly bite-sized, none longer than 5 minutes. The first 24 of them are on the Sermon on the Mount and they are absolutely spiffing, so visit us every day and be blessed.

Saffron Planet? So, what’s that all about? Actually no idea where the name came from, though the most likely source is our local Indian takeaway, named Saffron, but mysteriously closed down a few weeks ago! We’re just three families – Maltz, Werth and Jeffery – who have been mates for ages and who all work in various capacities in the media and felt led to do this thing. Has it worked – only you can judge really?

As mentioned last week we’ll be at the forthcoming Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher in May. If you want to visit us (and receive a free gift!) we are giving away free tickets to CRE, first come first served. Up to 2 tickets per person that you can use on any day. Just email us with your name and address. Tickets will be mailed out by the end of March.

Come now to and be blessed. Also drop us a line at And, most importantly, please pray for us, for resources and wisdom. We especially need to figure out how we’re going to pay for CRE!

Many blessings


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