Foundations 1 - January 012 - the audio

Foundations special (FEBRUARY 2012)

(32 minutes)
Here's an edited audio on what went on over that weeked (edited from over 7 hours of material). Watch this space as Foundations 2 will be announced very soon...

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This October, Foundations returns BIGGER THAN EVER with a 5 DAY EXTRAVAGANZA of teaching, discussions, fellowship, rest and more ...

It will be held again at Quinta Christian Centre at Oswestry from Monday October1st to Friday October 5th 2012.


Last Call for THE Conference for 2012

Foundations special (NOVEMBER 2011)

(11 minutes)
It's the big one - Foundations conference at Quinta, January 6-8th. Just 20 places left so BOOK NOW! Now meet the team ...

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The incredibly wonderful Saffron Planet Conference is almost here!

Foundations special (NOVEMBER 2011)

(20 minutes)
This really will be a Christian conference with a difference! We are still taking bookings and if you're not sure what it's all about, just listen to our chat about it ...

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Outcast Nation

Israel Conflict special (NOVEMBER 2011)

(63 minutes)
What is the truth about the recent history of Israel? What are the origins of the current conflict? A lively chat with the full team going to places others fear to tread!

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Kerfuffle at St Pauls.

The whole current fracas at St Pauls may seem to be about grass-root protests against the evils of unchecked faceless capitalism. It may even seem to be a revolt of the common people against the established structures of our country, in this case, the English Church.

But that's all a smokescreen really. There's a bigger issue at stake and most are not seeing it. What we are seeing here is nothing les than the beginning of the end of State Christianity that survived the Reformation and has held sway for far too long in this country. St Pauls Cathedral is the visible symbol of the Church in this country. It physically survived the Blitz but has spiritually lost the current battle. It is seen as an irrelevant joke. How soon will it be before this perception spreads to the parishes (though most would say that this has already begun a long time ago).

Talking about Foundations

Introducing a Christian conference, the like of which has never yet been seen (we think!) More at

Long live true friends of Israel!

Christian Zionism special (OCTOBER 2011)

(23 minutes)
Here we chat to three good friends - Norman, Gabi and Moira - and ask them why they feel so positive about Israel and the Jewish people. Why does Christian Zionism have such a bad name in the UK?

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Special Saffron Planet Weekend!

Foundations special (OCTOBER 2011)

(20 minutes)
Oh you lucky people! A chance for 80 of you to meet up with us in January in a beautiful country setting to discover what we can do to discern God's truths in a Church that's got very confused.

For more information about this weekend,click here.

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Big Father in the Sky

God special (DECEMBER 2010)

(79 minutes)
In this wide-ranging chat, the team turn their thoughts to God Himself. How do we view Him? Do we give Him enough respect? Is God getting a raw deal from the Christian world and, if so, what's He going to do about it?

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Name it ... and blame them!

Word of Faith special (FEBRUARY 2010)

(33 minutes)
In this first part of three on the Faith and Prosperity teachers, we are privileged to be joined by Justin Peters, arguably the greatest authority on such shenanigans. In this episode we name the usual suspects. Who do we name and shame ... ?

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Should Christians get angry with God

Anger and angst special (OCTOBER 2009)

(42 minutes)
Are Christians just too complacent in their own salvation? Should they not instead be angry with God for allowing such pain and injustice in the World? These are thoughts posed from an "outsider", who finds himself challenged in turn from an unexpected quarter. Intrigued? Confused? Why not listen and get sucked in ...

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Turn or Burn?!

Repentance special (MAY 2009)

(41 minutes)
Now here's a most neglected discipline - repentance! Yet it is vital for our spiritual health, as the Gospels tell us. The team delve a little deeper here, with a lively revealing debate.

The first in a series on 'Foundations of the Christian Faith' (also filmed).

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A Buffet of Banter #1

(APRIL 2009) (57 minutes)
As an antidote to the heavier stuff we've been putting out lately, here is an hour of chat by the (mostly) younger Saffron chaps. This is how it went - starting with TV talent shows, then ethnic comedy, comedians and Christianity, work and entertainment, reality TV, families and pets, youtube, Orson Welles, radio and the internet, the BNP, what unifies us?, english food, anti-israelism and finishing with food and weight loss. A laugh a minute? Well we thought so, but then we would ... !

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Under condemnation?

Condemnation special (APRIL 2009)

(16 minutes)
Are we under condemnation? Do you feel condemned, judged or even hated by God? Lindy leads us into this misunderstood topic as we delve deeper into our relationship with God and each other.

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