How do you solve a problem like Judea?

Israel Unplugged

(63 minutes)

A documentary on Israel and the Jewish people. Our team, supplemented by Norman and Maria, discuss the current situation and the history of the conflict and ask, who is the conflict actually between?. A revealing and entertaining exploration covering 2000 years, from Jerusalem to Southend and beyond!

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The Israel debate. Older than history itself, it would seem. Great minds and vocal advocates have long been at loggerheads over the sovereignty of this tiny strip of land which, when located on any contemporary map of the world, sits snuggly at the crossroads of the great continents. Quite literally it resides at the centre of all things. An outpost of the great empires of history, the birth place of the great religions, and home to the most contensiously disputed city in the world: Jerusalem.

In this discussion we argue how bias and spin can seep covertly into any debate of this nature, and how important it is to discern what is truth and what isn't.

We talk seriously about how Israel is perceived by the world's media and what can be done to encourage people to study the issue for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions.

We try to understand why Israel does not always get the benefit of the doubt when some stories are reported in the press, and discuss why some of us already have pre-conceived ideas about the problems faced on a daily basis by ordinary Israelis and Palestinians alike.

History plays a huge part in the debate. It's not always black and white. How do we begin to put together the pieces when much of history has been distorted by over zealous reporting? We tackle this issue in our group discussion with a panel of friends, plus we head to the Salute to Israel rally in London to talk to people with opposing views on the situation.

Steve has written a book on the subject, The Land Of Many Names, which deals with the Biblical aspect of the debate and seeks to make sense of the long and winding history of the region.

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