How do you solve a problem like Judea?

Israel Unplugged

(63 minutes)

A documentary on Israel and the Jewish people. Our team, supplemented by Norman and Maria, discuss the current situation and the history of the conflict and ask, who is the conflict actually between?. A revealing and entertaining exploration covering 2000 years, from Jerusalem to Southend and beyond!

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The Israel debate. Older than history itself, it would seem. Great minds and vocal advocates have long been at loggerheads over the sovereignty of this tiny strip of land which, when located on any contemporary map of the world, sits snuggly at the crossroads of the great continents. Quite literally it resides at the centre of all things. An outpost of the great empires of history, the birth place of the great religions, and home to the most contensiously disputed city in the world: Jerusalem.

In this discussion we argue how bias and spin can seep covertly into any debate of this nature, and how important it is to discern what is truth and what isn't.

We talk seriously about how Israel is perceived by the world's media and what can be done to encourage people to study the issue for themselves and arrive at their own conclusions.

We try to understand why Israel does not always get the benefit of the doubt when some stories are reported in the press, and discuss why some of us already have pre-conceived ideas about the problems faced on a daily basis by ordinary Israelis and Palestinians alike.

History plays a huge part in the debate. It's not always black and white. How do we begin to put together the pieces when much of history has been distorted by over zealous reporting? We tackle this issue in our group discussion with a panel of friends, plus we head to the Salute to Israel rally in London to talk to people with opposing views on the situation.

Steve has written a book on the subject, The Land Of Many Names, which deals with the Biblical aspect of the debate and seeks to make sense of the long and winding history of the region.

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Hi there, I dont know if I am writing in a proper board but I have got a problem with activation, link i receive in email is not working...,

God bless Israel

I made an internet blog called: Let's bring Peace to the Middle East with a guidance of Elohim, Adonai the God of Israel and his son Y'shua. In this debate I read opinions for and against ISRAEL from Palestinians and Israelis living there. All this convinced me that the land of Israel must not be divided unlike the recent Saudi plan states at the same time I realised that the change in Israeli-Palestine conflict has to come from the inside. There are alreaydy 1000's of Israelis helping Palestinians with heart problems, getting them to medical care etc. And there are Palestinians and Arabs who through finding Christ alone love, recognise and respect Israel. This is the power of prayer. We must pray for peace of Jerusalem again and again and pray against any distorted view and act done against Jewish Israel. God will land on land of Olives when the end is near, to reign from Jerusalem. Every country should bring their wealth towards Israel as U.S.A in exemplary manner does, it is obeying God's word rather than following secular humanist thinking that has infultrated the society and part of the curch. We must pray against this way of thinking and pray that God's charisma shall rise in Israel and all around world. Check the blog "Let's Bring Peace to The Middle East" at

Er, hello..

It's so sad that you actually believe in what you are saying. Israel as you know it was handed to you by British politicians - why you think you should refer to it as given by GOD is beyond me. Your people are tenants and since Theodore Herzl and the advent of political Zionism, became murderous tenants.
Bear in mind that the Jews spoken of in the Bible do not come from Europe as you do and instead of trying to pick 'the nice bits' of your hsitory, why not talk too about the naughty bits. I'm black and my history cannot all be blamed all on white people - black people sold people into slavery too and Jews have committed genocide in the same way as Rwandans did a decade ago.
Why should all countries bring their wealth to Israel? Are you special? Lest you forget original man is black - remember Eve? Deny that if you will..
I think it's fair to say we have ALL lost our way and your people, who incidentally denied the same Christ you claim to worship, are not special or any more deservant of life than the Palestinians your governement's have successively tried to destroy.
Do you not know you share the same genes?
Oh and the Holocaust was terrible but the collective number of black people killed even as recently as the early 20th century combined with aparteid, slave ships, lynchings and imperialism far far exceeds 6 million.
I'm saddened but Jews need to get real and stop the killing. What do you expect of the Palestinians when you have been gifted their land and expect to spirit them out of it? (read 'Bad News From Israel' - your starter for 10 - Philo/Berry). What would you do if you had seen your families killed in this way.
Gerald Kaufman is old enough and wise enough to know bullshit when he hears it and Israel has been talking shit for a long time. If you want respect, your government needs to get real. There was nothing pious about 23rd December, it was 9/11.
Oh, and before you start bleating on about anti-semetism, my girlfriend is Jewish and criticism doesn't always have to be all about your race. Black people used to do that shit and it was called 'having a chip on your shoulder. There's no difference, it's that 'poor me syndrome.'
I'd be interested to hear your response..

A chip on the shoulder or a chip off the old block?

Hi Mark
The British government administered the political hand over of the land of Israel to the Israeli people, but Bible believing Christians know that God's hand caused this to happen. God causes people to act according to His will, and His word.
If you know your Bible you will know that the ultimate curse for the Jewish people was that they would be scattered to the nations if they did not obey God, and that is exactly what they have done throughout history. The last scattering was in AD 70. That is why there are Jews all over the world; and that is the people who are returning to their historical land. God promised that before the final judgment He would cause the return of the Jews to Israel.
You make some very serious and unsubstantiated accusations about the nation of Israel. Genocide, and murderous tenants; where on earth do you get that from. Israel responds to actions taken against it like any modern civilized country does, but it never initiates aggression.
Before the return of the Jews to the land, Israel was sparsely populated, agriculturally poor, with nonexistent modern industry. The Jews are a very fruitful and resourceful people. With the massive transformation of the fortunes of Israel due to this influx of Jews, the surrounding Arabs moved in to enjoy the benefits. There never was a nation called Palestine and there never was a people called "Palestinians". It is a propagandist invention of the Arabs in order to stir up world opinion against Israel.
Much of the trouble in the Middle East is not caused by Israel, but by fundamentalist Islam. It is a religious ideology which thinks it right to exterminate all Jews for starters and then all Christians. It is written in their Book called the Koran. There are various degrees of its manifestation. Most Muslims would not take this extreme view, but nevertheless, it is this that drives Middle East politics. If you know your Bible, you will know that all the nations will come against Israel in the last days, and the scene is being set right now for the final judgment of God. We have a God who is jealous for Israel and we had better examine our attitudes towards the Jews and Israel lest we come under God's wrath. The promises to Abraham in Genesis chapter 12 are as relevant today as always.
As for the nations bringing their wealth the writer was pointing towards a time when Israel will be the chief nation of the world, again prophesied in the Bible and that is exactly what the nations will do.

Hi Mark , 1. Israel has an

Hi Mark ,

1. Israel has an important part to play in Bible prophecy and that is why people on here take a keen interest . That is not to excuse them when they do wrong .
2. Adam and Eve were probably brown not black , and through them the mix of colours we have today .
3. Slavery is disgusting and what is worse is that it is still going on .
4. Are n't you being over aggressive , the post you replied to was n't anti palestinian ?

Israel&Satan's lies

I just read Tom Hess in his book Watchmen portraying Israel as Satan's prime target. He tries his best to stirr up the situation, to create confusion and hate towards Israel and Jewish. Unfortunately many disillusionet and alienated ppl in the west join in to these one issue organisations without having a clue what they are supporting. Israel politics are more transparent than UK and many other countries. IDF is the best army in the world, with best professional conduct. Israeli soldiers beating civilians are minority and same photos of same abuse are circulated year after year. 99% of IDF functions better than any trained Army in the history of Mankind.

1. BBC just got reprimanded bcause their bias in their Israel reporting. They had deliberately blanket out Israeli side of the story. Most of the Jewry in the West and ppl in the Western World do not know what goes on in Israel. This boils down to Anti Semitic attitudes some NGO's who claim to be human rights organisations but are infact sponsored and run by Islamic Agenda. The next rally Against Israel starting in Malet Street 12 am 16th of May is run by Brittish Muslim intiative..ppl handing these leaflets are Christians..this is like cutting ur own leg and they do not know that they are being deceived..
2. For true Israel reporting check the profile Israel Forever in myspace. Daily reports about all the media coverage related to Israel, Israels interest at heart bring us all closer the truth.
3. For the guy who responded to my comments..Read book called Promised Land by Derek Prince, Cambridge scholar who actually was eye witnessing UK turning blind eye against the official policy of support and in fact giving all the power to Arab league to Kill 600 000 Holocaust Survivors, who by their own means fought themselves out from the situation against the enemy 100 times bigger than them..that proves the point that Elohim and Y'shua wanted Jewish back to Israel and are on their side...Good luck any invading army:)
4. Like in all conflicts things do get bitter and Israel has made some mistakes and many Jewish have heart for Palestinians unlike Media portrays them..
5. Obama, Pope and all others are on the way to destruction of their own society by trying to introduce plan with European Union and Saudis to divide the land..It is Promised land to Jewish, and they currently posess something like 12% of the every cut is an insult to God. Obama according to recent articles in the Spectacle, Uk has deceived even American Jewry who are more keen to follow the way of Elite than to stand up strong against the plans to divide Israel. Creating Palestian State, will bring God's wrath to any nation that functions as an instrumen in this plan. We must start mass mailing to all American Evangelicals and Jewish around the world to stop this plan. In Judeo Christian Union there are 40 000 000 members. It is time to put pressure on US senate and EU to stop these plans. Anyone who knows contacts in this union please start advocating this voice of togethernes: Undivided Israel for Jewish with Justice and good conditions to Palestinians!

some photographic evidence, IDF on duty..

Israel supporters should check all the Anti Israel propaganda Material..the same Soldier rising his fist with eye glassess is shown year after year..They never have new Photos. There was this incident where American girl called Rachel got killed when she was demonstrating in front of the tank,when Palestian home was being bulldozed.

They use this Rachel case happened 10yrs ago in Media to get Americans on the side, it truly is a media war...unfortunately Pope and Obama r cashing in and are all for Palestinian state. Last night in an internet chat room Palestinians called me stupid, because they said that Hamas will kill them if they do not obey and noone likes Hamas in Palestine...sooo Israel kind of had a point in trying to Destroy Hamas.

Palestinians claim that neighbouring Arab countries would help them to build infrastructure if they had their own country. But what about Hamas? Who gets rid of Hamas Obama and Pope? Can Palestinians find togetherness and vision uniting them...or will it be total Chaos and more rockets will be launched towards Israel if they get their own land? Most likely, again innocent will die and Israel gets the blame...but this is how it looks like, it looks like Obama&Pope&Saudis are trying to do deception, drive Israel in the corner, Isolate Israel once again. Leave Israel alone against Iran and Palestine. What a clever plan Obama, even Jewry in States is almost deceived. But not God and not Y'shua. We must bring these plans to the light and show all their draw backs in the media.
Please ppl start putting Judeo Christian Union together UCL, it is time to start agressive media campaing in the EU&States against all this, the truth must come out..
Oy, what horrorEvil Jews evilly brutalizing Darfurian refugees!look at these soldiers oppressing these palestinian childrenOppressing elderly people? When does this Jewish brutality end!!Another unbelievably evil Israeli soldier oppressing an elderly Palestinian. Please note the soldier's long blond hair - it is actually a wig, used to hide the horns:But the horror doesn't stop at this! Here's an Israeli soldier evilly oppressing a Palestinian cat:Horrible sights indeed. Incredible evil; unspeakable inhumanity. thank you t media for telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!I mean I saw how easily you could look at those pictures and come up with conclusions like this:The resemblance is shocking isn't?Please Repost.

, Israel does issue these ppl many warnings but there is a social point, all the Palestinians loosing their home should be rehoused...Anyways here is some eviden

Israel seems to draw so much

Israel seems to draw so much hatred and yet there are utterly vile regimes that don't seem to draw it . Sudan , Burma , N.Korea etc . Yes they are talked about , but you don't see huge hate rallies and demonstrations against them .