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Image of cover how church lost truth
Steve Maltz

by Steve Maltz

One book, thousands of interpretations. Snake handlers in Kansas, Prosperity teachers in Washington, Liberationists in El Salvador, Gay Bishops in New Hampshire, New Age rectors in London. They all claim the Bible as their inspiration and rulebook. Once this book is opened, why is it that folk seem to see different things? One book, one message, one Babel. How come? Where can the Truth be found or has the Church lost The Truth? This explosive book tells the whole sad story of what actually happened to the Church over the last two thousand years and how it managed to lose its focus and take on so many ideas from Greek philosophy that Christianity has just become a melting point of truth mixed up with very strange ideas.

The Market:
This book is a relentless re-evaluation of our doctrines and addresses many areas currently under attack by liberal Christians. It should be a popular book for conservative evangelicals who need solid and theologically/historically accurate investigations of Creation, Israel, Heaven & Hell and End Times. The cover design and title are purposely provocative and will appeal to those unafraid to go deeper into (probably) unexplored areas.



If Jesus were to return today, which Church – if any - could He call his own?

In this challenging, provocative but entertaining book the author examines what has happened to some key battlegrounds for Truth and asks, where did those ideas come from?

  • How did God kick things off?
  • How does He deal with His covenant people?
  • Who does He let into heaven?
  • What is Hell really like?
  • How is He really going to wrap things up?

Some of the answers will astound you and you may also be prompted to ask the question, how has the Church managed to lose so much Truth?

Why is it that there is such a wide spectrum of beliefs within the Church, which is supposed to have “the Truth”? With much humour, Steve Maltz explains complex and serious theological matters simply. New Christians will receive a theological education in one book, and seasoned saints might be surprised how much they could learn. Mark Weeden, Senior Pastor, Worthing Tabernacle

Steve takes his stand on a number of foundational themes that will not be welcomed by some. Corns will be trodden on - that's a painful promise! But persevere. Examine his reasoning. It may well be that as you read his words you might even hear a distant trumpet call. Might it be the rallying call of the Holy Spirit? I think I heard it! In fact, I know I did! The fight for the Bible is renewed. To arms! Chris Hill, Bible teacher, writer and broadcaster

“I really enjoyed reading it. You are the master of epigrams, full of Jewish wit and humour, which I love. These keep you reading and make the whole interesting. It’s so important to add gravy to the meat and you are a good chef. I hope this book will reach those who need it most though I fear they will be irritated, if not infuriated, by your dismissal of so many of their heroes!” David Pawson (international Bible teacher)

“How the Church Lost the Truth is typical Steve Maltz: pithy, forthright, humorous, easy-to-read, and with not so much as a boring sentence to be found in its entire 206 pages ... Maltz makes a convincing case, and all of us – preachers and teachers in particular – would do well to pay heed to what he says.” Mike Moore (Christian Witness to Israel)


"I've just finished your latest book and have to say it is an excellent treatment and very accessible. Good job! ... I pray your writings reach an ever increasing audience." Beresford Job (Bible teacher and author of 'Biblical Church')

"Hi Steve! I am just reading your latest book. It is impressive and timely. It is the kind of book I would like to write if I had the knowledge and abililty. Thank you.
Malcolm Baker (Pointers Ministries)

"Should be on the essential reading list of everyone who professes belief in Yeshua and who seriously wishes to delve into that very belief they profess. Good one Steve." David (from Saltshakers website)

"Following on from "How the Church has lost The Way" by Steve Maltz, this does not disappoint. Steve has a wonderful way of writing, coming from a clear head and with an obvious longing to see better things in a society that has gone so astray. Easy to read for even old girls like me, and I think he has shown enormous courage in going for the jugular, yet doing so with a heart of gold. Clearly someone had to undertake this work, and Our Lord must be well pleased with his chosen servant. Every believing Christian has a Ministry, and Steve, I believe, has found his. "
Enid Laird (on Amazon)

"It's been on my heart for years to understand the muddle of Church History, and, along with your last book as a help, I'm beginning to get a grasp of it! ... The Lord is at work to educate and give understanding regarding Truth to His body at this crucial hour! Be encouraged in your work, Steve and I look forward to your next publication!"
David (by email)

"Fantastic book (How The Church Lost The Truth)! Like all your earlier books I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have added it to my 'books to be highly recommended to all and sundry' list ... Keep up the good work Steve, you are extremely well appreciated, even up 'ere in the frozen northlands! "
Simonline (by email)

"Throughout the book Steve weaves a sense of humour that brought a few chuckles and lightened some of the chapters. It would be really nice if many more Christians read this book , it deserves to reach a wider audiance because there seems to be a great deal of ignorance about such matters today."
Michael D (by email)