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Programme 281 - Jewish missionary (part 2 of 2)

With the current appalling loss of life and unspeakable suffering that is going on in Syria, and because so many thousands of refugees are streaming out of the region and seeking to come to Europe, we are perhaps taking more notice of this news story than we might have otherwise. For this programme I visited the home of an Israeli Jewish believer in Jesus living in Jerusalem. Because he is a missionary to the muslim world it would be too dangerous to give his name.

Programme 279 – Shukri

There are Christians around the world who believe that Jesus will return to Jerusalem as the Bible foretells. The majority of believers in Jesus I have met who live in Israel believe His return is imminent. They watch world events and they read their Bibles and their understanding is that time is short. My guest today is no exception. He is a Palestinian Christian living and working in the Old City of Jerusalem. His name is Shukri and he works full time as a youth pastor.

Programme 278 – Ofer Amitai (Part 2 of 2)

My guest today is Ofer Amitai – a Messianic Jewish pastor in Jerusalem and leader of an intercessory prayer movement. When I visited Ofer in October 2016, the Feast of Tabernacles had just happened. We met in his office situated in the outskirts of Jerusalem … and as you will hear, there were a lot of police cars passing as we spoke! I was asking Ofer about the unrest in the Arab world that has resulted in thousands of migrants making their way to Europe.

Programme 277 – Ofer Amitai (Part 1 of 2)

My guest today is Ofer Amitai – as pastor of a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem and leader of an intercessory prayer movement, Ofer is somebody who has a deep knowledge of the Scriptures as well as considerable insight into current world events. As we continue to watch a steady flow of migrants coming out of Syria and other countries and making their way to Europe, I started by asking Ofer whether or not he believes God is allowing all this upheaval.

Programme 272 – Salim Anfous (part 3 of 3)

Today finds us back in the West Bank town of Bethlehem, where the majority of the population is Muslim. There is however, a small community of evangelical Christians there too and Salim Anfous is the youth pastor in one of the churches. His vision is to encourage the youth in his care who feel they are a minority within a minority. The schools follow an Islamic curriculum so for young people who are Christians this is very challenging.

Programme 271 – Salim Anfous (part 2 of 3)

Recently I visited Bethlehem, which is in the West Bank and where the majority of the people are Muslim. There is however, a tiny evangelical community of Christians there and Salim Anfous is the youth pastor in one of the evangelical churches in the town. He was born in Saudi Arabia but came with his family to live in Bethlehem when he was a teenager. Salim is a man with a vision to help the young Palestinian Christians in his church to deepen their faith in Jesus.