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Programme 259 – Yohanna (part 2 of 2)

Today we return to Nazareth in northern Israel to talk to Yohanna – a Palestinian Christian and the academic dean for both the Nazareth Evangelical College and the Bethlehem Bible College.Yohanna was born and brought up in Israel – he is an Israeli citizen. As a Christian he has had to come to terms with how to respond to living in a land divided by conflict and strong feelings of injustice. So how does he respond?

Programme 355: Suzanne & Simon Minchal

Today I’m in Jaffa, Israel, the Biblical port city that today lies just south of Tel Aviv, visiting the headquarters of Shevet Achim, a Christian organisation that makes it possible for children with serious heart defects who live in Muslim nations surrounding Israel, to come to Israeli hospitals for intricate heart surgery. This unique work was started by Jonathan Miles just over 20 years ago and in that time hundreds of children from places like Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Kurdistan have been able to come to Israel for life saving operations.

Programme 353: Jim Schultz (part 2 of 3)

My guest again this week is Jim Schultz, who today is the executive director of a humanitarian aid organisation based in Israel called the Joseph Project. Jim trained as a lawyer in America, but gave it all up because he and his wife believed God was calling them to a different sort of work. A chapter in the Bible, Isaiah 49, given to them on their wedding day and on several occasions after that became a pivotal factor in their prayers and thinking and for 5 years they waited.