Julia Fisher’s weekly radio broacast

Programme 259 – Yohanna (part 2 of 2)

Today we return to Nazareth in northern Israel to talk to Yohanna – a Palestinian Christian and the academic dean for both the Nazareth Evangelical College and the Bethlehem Bible College.Yohanna was born and brought up in Israel – he is an Israeli citizen. As a Christian he has had to come to terms with how to respond to living in a land divided by conflict and strong feelings of injustice. So how does he respond?

Programme 350: Katherine Snyder (part 1 of 2)

Today we’re in Jerusalem in an old shopping mall in the Jaffa Road to meet Katherine Snyder who is the director of a counselling service she started called Anchor of Hope. The Messianic body in Israel may be relatively small, but Katherine, a professional counsellor herself, knew for a long time that many people needed help but none was available. This is the story of how one woman followed her dream and is now seeing that dream realised.

Programme 349: Eddie Santoro (part 5 of 5)

On my last trip to Israel to record stories for this programme, I spent some time with Eddie Santoro. Born into a traditional Jewish family in America, he became a hippie but today he’s the pastor of a large Messianic congregation in Jerusalem. He’s recently recovered from brain cancer and was declared cancer free. After sharing his story, the next morning he woke up with pain in his throat …. had the cancer returned?