A nurse who offered a Bible to a cancer patient and encouraged him to sing 'The Lord is My Shepherd' has lost her appeal in a tribunal court. Sarah Kuteh, 50, lost her job at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, Kent, in 2016 after her "fitness to practise" as a nurse was questioned for repeatedly talking to patients about her faith. The mother of three was initially found to be in breach of Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) rules, however when the NMC ruled that she was fit to return to work as a nurse, she launched a second appeal against the initial ruling of the employment tribunal. In a judgement published by the Court of Appeal last week, Lord Justice Singh ruled the dismissal was fair and dismissed the appeal. It stated: "On 20 June 2016, the Complaints Department noted a call from a patient being treated for cancer concerning his assessment by the Claimant on 3 June 2016.


New research indicates that sex-selective abortions may have resulted in the deaths of more than 23 million girls around the world. Research from the National University of Singapore, reported in the New Scientist, found that since sex-selective abortion became readily available in the 1970s, male births dominated in twelve countries. The majority of “missing” females are in China and India. Researchers analysed data from 202 different countries for 1970 to 2017, looking specifically at sex ratio at birth and sex ratio imbalance. Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Montenegro, Taiwan, Tunisia and Vietnam showed an excess of male births. China alone accounts for 51 per cent of the missing girls (11.9 million), and India a further 10.6 million.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The US will bolster its military presence in the Middle East with an additional 1,500 troops, President Donald Trump said Friday amid heightened tensions with Iran. Trump said the troops would have a “mostly protective” role. He spoke to reporters on the White House lawn as he headed out on a trip to Japan. The administration had notified Congress earlier in the day about the troop plans. The forces would number “roughly” 1,500 and would deploy in the coming weeks, “with their primary responsibilities and activities being defensive in nature,” according to a copy of the notification obtained by The Associated Press.