Controversial televangelist Kenneth Copeland was all smiles on the tarmac near his Fort Worth, Texas mega church as he took delivery of his new $3million Gulfstream V private jet. 'This is a big deal, this is a big plane' he says in a video posted on his ministry's website, before grinning into the lens and asking viewers, 'do you see this?  do you see this? I hope so, you bought it. You and Jesus.' Copeland, who is the head of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and has his own TV show, bought the jet off Tyler Perry.


A same-sex couple is suing a printing company after discovering a box of wedding programs they ordered actually contained Christian flyers which warned about "evil desires". Lawyers for Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg - aged in their 30s - claim the pamphlets "were clearly sent to intimidate, threaten and harass the plaintiffs because they are gay men." The men spent $80 on 100 leaflets (pictured below) to welcome guests to their wedding in Pennsylvania last September but realised the day before the ceremony they had been 80 flyers for the Catholic campaign group Battle Ready.

Age restrictions for radical transgender surgeries ‘artificially pigeonhole’ children, a doctor who carries out such operations has claimed. Christopher Inglefield also believes separate male and female toilets are like racial segregation, and that Parliamentary critics of transsexual surgery should be “thrown out”. Inglefield has been carrying out ‘sex change’ surgery for 25 years and features in a new ITV programme on the subject. As the Government considers changes to the current rules on transsexualism, Inglefield was asked whether there should be an age limit on his operations. He said: “No. It is about looking at the maturity of that individual, how long they have felt they are in the wrong body. “Putting an age on it artificially pigeon-holes that person”.