he IDF will increase the number of troops stationed along the Gaza border in the event a large force is needed there, the army said in a statement on Monday. "A special force of the IDF operated tonight in an operation of high importance to Israel's security. The force and IAF forces fought courageously and bravely [and] we salute the forces," IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot said in a statement. "The IDF owes Lieutenant Colonel M. more than the book. We mourn with family and wishes his recovery to the wounded IDF officer. " Eisenkot met with Shin Bet head Nadav Argaman, in addition to other members of the security apparatus, on Monday morning

1. BRINK OF WAR: Monday’s Gaza rocket barrage on Israel is being called the single biggest one-day tally ever.

  • That fact is made all the more horrifying for the fact that it was concentrated in a relatively small area, and was likely also a preview of what may come should the sides decide to let things snowball into war.
  • Both sides are talking big, but also seemingly making sure to keep the escalation in check. For Hamas, that means no rockets are being shot anywhere further than a dozen kilometers away, keeping the Tel Aviv region, Beersheba and Jerusalem out of range.
  • For Israel, it means keeping the death toll low by issuing warnings before it bombs a building (using the roof knocking method of dropping a dummy bomb to signal to everyone inside to skedaddle) and not carrying out assassinations or targeting residences.

Permitting people to change their gender by self-declaration opens the door to similar challenges to the law by people who would like to alter their age or race, a columnist has warned. Writing in The Times, Janice Turner highlighted the logical progression of identity politics if self-declaration becomes the accepted norm. It follows the case of Emile Ratelband, a Dutch man who wants a court to change his birth date to make him 20 years younger. Ratelband argued that if a man who identifies as a woman can obtain a new birth certificate which declares he was born female, he should be able to amend his birth certificate. Turner wrote: “A court has argued it would mean deleting part of Ratelband’s life, but is this different to trans people who request no further mention of their birth name and childhood?”