The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday ordered schools closed in southern and central Israel, including the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, as terror groups in the Gaza Strip began firing dozens of rockets at cities and towns throughout the country in retaliation for the assassination of Palestinian Islamic Jihad senior commander Baha Abu al-Ata. “We are prepared for several days of battle with an aerial defense shield, including in the center of the country,” IDF spokesperson Hidai Zilberman told reporters Tuesday morning. Approximately 50 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip at central and southern Israel on Tuesday as of 9:10 a.m., according to the IDF. Soldiers operating the Iron Dome missile defense system shot down 20 of those incoming projectiles, the military said.



Former megachurch pastor and author Francis Chan has said he's leaving the United States to become a full-time missionary in Asia. He said he wants to "bring relief, share the gospel, and plant churches among" the "ultra poor". He revealed his plans to move to Hong Kong next year with this family during his final chapel service at Azusa Pacific University in California on Wednesday. Chan said the idea to make the big move came during a visit to Myanmar with his family a few months ago. “We were just with a translator going from hut to hut in these slums, trying to explain to people who Jesus is,” he said. "These people had never even heard of Him and the eagerness, the way they listened, seeing people get baptised — it was just like, wow, what do we do on a normal day that even compares to this? "As we got on the plane home, I was like, 'Honey, I think it's time to move'." Chan said during his sermon that he had some frustrations about Christian leadership in the US.



Stonewall co-founder Simon Fanshawe has criticised the organisation for placing the self-identification of gender ahead of women’s rights and safety. Fanshawe said he “will not support a law that defies biology and defies the history and importance of women’s-only spaces and rights.” The veteran homosexual activist went on to accuse Stonewall of seeking to shut down debate on gender ideology. Last year Stonewall was accused of bullying supporters who refused to endorse its “extreme identity politics”. Fanshawe, who co-founded Stonewall in 1989, criticised the organisation for “not acknowledging there is a debate to be had”. “If the de-transitioners are telling their stories now, do you really want to be responsible for kids in 20 years’ time who went through a medical process that they may regret? I don’t think so.