Middle East Report

Stories include:  An American medical doctor is awarded a prize in Israel, important events mark Balfour 100 and survey reveals Isra

stories this week include:  Israel marks Independence Day with celebrations & memorial events and  a unique presentation tells the st

stories this week include: Israelis remember the Holocaust, Mr Netanyahu cancels meeting with Germany's Foreign Minister, Remembering the

Stories this week include:  tragic drowning accident occurs during Passover, Well Known Eritrean Gospel singer speaks up for persecuted church

Israel closes its border with Egypt, US Secretary of State visits Russia, Well-know prophetic bible teacher  responses to Syria Chemical attac

Stories this week include:  Israel faces coalition crisis, The White House is serious about a two state solution,  Archaeologists discove

Stories this week include:  Israel acknowledges involvement in Syria, Turkish aid goes to Hamas, making British Christians aware of the thousa

Stories this week include: weekend of celebrations  ends in killing of Israeli nurse, Intel buys Israel's Mobileye for $15 million dollars, Is

Stories this week include:  New legislation bans boy cotters into Israel, New evidence could lead to Mr.

Stories this week include:  Unique film documentary  features Israel's first Prime Minister,  A Gaza war report critical of  Is