Middle East Report

Stories this week include: The Israeli Government passes a controversial new law,  The French President criticises the new law, CSW's annual c

Stories this week include:  A new project changes the approach into Jerusalem.

Stories this week include: The issue of Jerusalem is at the centre of the New Trump administration, Netanyahu and Lieberman approve 2500 new homes,

Stories this week include: Seventy nations met in Paris last weekend, The President of Israel says goodbye to the US Ambassador to Israel, the larg

Stories this week include:  Europe's capitals  show solidarity with Israel, Mr. Netanyahu slams Abbas for  not condemning Jerusalem attack and David Silver Founder of Out of Zion Ministries  believes   2017  is to be a very strategic  year..

stories this week include:  a unique exhibition shows Jesus from a Jewish prospective, Mr.

Stories this week include:  The Christmas season is marked by rainbows in Jerusalem, An Israeli is seriously wounded in the Berlin attacks, Re

Stories this week include:  Israelis moved by hiking accident story, Severe storms and heavy rain hits Israel, Representative from the Board o

Stories this week include:  A Jewish Settlement faces uncertain future, A new report reveals Israel is not prepared for missile attacks,  A New book outlines need for reform in Israel and Amazon Jews thrive in the depts of the rain forest.

Stories this week include;  An ambitious building project gets underway in Jerusalem, Forest fires rage round Israel, A new book looks at para