Middle East Report

Stories include: Jerusalem experiences unusual rainfall, ministry helps build bridges between Israel and its Arab neighbours and  UA

Stories this week include: The President of Israel makes   final speech to the nation, Hundreds of children given  chance of new lif

Stories include: Fighting between Armenia & Azerbaijan could affect Israel's oil supply, Israel's liberal left wing puts pressure on Netanyahu

. Stories this week include: Scientists produce fruit from the oldest date palm in the world, Israel is in total lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic and Iran, Turkey and the Palestinians speak against the peace deal.

Stories this week include: Israeli government could impose  more restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus, Faith based diplomacy makes&n

Stories this week include;  A formal peace accord has been signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, New book looks at Israel from a

Stories include:Attached is this week's programme - stories this week include: Israel attempts to slow down the rate of coronavirus infection, Well

Stories this week include: Direct flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates takes place, Well known prophetic bible teacher believes

Stories this week include:  Israel's coalition government manages to push back a coalition crisis for another 4 months, CBN Chief Chris Mitich

Stories this week include: The United Arab Emirates becomes third country to sign peace treaty  with Israel, Terrorist threats towards Ch