LONDOM Moedim meeting


WHERE: All Souls Clubhouse , 141 Cleveland street, LONDON W1T 6QG (When you arrive at the front door, phone 07702 616420 or 07885 941848 and we will come down and let you in - or go down next road to the right of venue - and enter side gate, where you will see spiral staircase leading right up to the upper room where we will be)

WHEN: Friday NOVEMBER 1ST 6:30pm-9:30pm (come when you can and go when you want)

COST: Free (though donations welcome towards cost of room)

"I do hope this email finds you both well. Just to say a small thank you for the monthly moed at All Souls. I have missed a couple, plus arrived very late on Friday evening; yet the teachings I managed to hear were superb and was thoroughly thrilled to have Richard recite the priestly blessing upon me. Thank you.

My church sister Elizabeth who I sat next too upon my late arrival was totally in awe of the meeting and said it was 'Excellent!". I was so glad to hear her say that, for she has become my witness as she recalls the moed event to other members of our church. A few had shown interest in attending but then backed out. Elizabeth has told them and others how good the moed is, so as always we trust in Adonai. Richard had asked for a testimony that evening but one can feel too self conscious to stand in front of an audience. However, here is my testimony; that since my first attendance and due to your prayers, my spiritual insights and understanding of the biblical scriptures has grown.

The messianic jewish/hebraic teachings that you offer has been spiritually uplifting and engaging, plus the addition of Steve's good humour and literature.

The gift of Saltshakers biblical outreach is a God send to myself and no doubt all in attendance."

"Thank you so much for stepping out in faith and organising the Moedim at All Souls clubhouse on 16th March. I was very inspired by the teaching and have noticed a break through in openings to talk about the Jewish roots of our Christian faith since then"

"We were really blessed by last Friday's meeting"

"The Moedim monthly Meeting in Central London is exactly what I'd longed for, as it offers a wonderful opportunity of further learning and to share ones faith in an understanding  environment."

There is currently a growing thirst among Christians to feed from the ancient roots of the faith, without being strangled by them. Yet this can be a confusing search, with often many detours, some leading to strange places. Where can one go to find out more? We believe that Moedim is such a place.

Why? Because you can trust us. This is an initiative of the Saltshakers Web Community (www.saltshakers.com) and is led by Paul Luckraft and Steve Maltz, who together have decades of experience of leading sincere Christians into valid Hebraic expressions of their faith.

WHAT IS IT? As a group of believers, we want to gather at the beginning of each month to set ourselves apart, celebrate Jesus and enjoy all the good things He has done. BUT also to seek Him for all the things that He is going to do in the coming month.

HOW? Each evening will provide a time to think seriously about your function in the Body of Christ. There will be prayer, there will be worship, there will be teaching. But there will be more, there will be opportunities for expression and freedom, all in a friendly collaborative atmosphere. In other words, Church …. But NOT as you know it!

AND WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Why is this night different from all other nights? The first difference is hinted at by our title, Moedim, Hebrew for ‘appointed times’. We will be meeting according to the Hebrew, lunar, calendar, the Biblical calendar, so we will meet at the beginning of the lunar (Hebrew) month rather than the solar (secular) month. Is this a big deal? No. It’s really as simple as saying, our calendar is fine – but there’s also an arguably more Biblical calendar. What would God think if we enjoyed Him at key dates in this calendar instead? There must be a reason why God told the people of the Bible to obey these dates in certain ways. The other difference is that our evenings will follow the Hebraic, rather than the Greek, tradition …. What does that mean? Well, you’ll just have to come and find out … For more information: Steve Maltz 07885 941848 steve@saltshakers.com

Fri 17 Jan 2020