Bangor Foundations conference

In this second annual Bangor Foundations conference, author Steve Maltz will address the biggest current issue for the Western Church and offer suggestions for a Christian response. How can Christians deal effectively with the restrictions brought through ‘political correctness’ and all of its off-shoots?

  • Talks
  • Workshop
  • Crafts
  • The Foundations ‘model’ of worship
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WHERE? The Hamilton Suite, Marine Court Hotel, 18-20 Quay street, Bangor N.I. BT20 5ED

WHEN? Saturday July 21st 10am – 5pm

COST? £12 (including refreshments, bring a packed lunch)

There will be an offering taken for the Saltshakers and Foundations ministry (

“Since Brexit, the Western World has changed drastically, but most have not realised it. We are like sheep being coaxed by wolves masquerading as sheep-dogs into great holding pens of restrictions, red-tape and controlled behaviour. We are moving towards a Marxist nightmare of a ‘collective’ where we are all encouraged or compelled to think the same way, with a ‘false tolerance’ of each other in place of the atmosphere of love and brotherhood that only Christ can offer – if only that ideal has ever been implemented! In this ‘brave new world’ of a post-Christian, post-truth Western culture, we are all flapping around to a certain extent, trying to find an equitable way of getting on with each other. Marxism, communism, capitalism or any other ‘-ism’ is not going to get even close, as history has demonstrated time after time. Only we Christians have the real answer but are mostly too blind to listen to the words of Scripture and actually live as we are told to do. That is why it is more important now to also walk the walk as well as, as Christians have done since age memorial … talk the talk.”

If this reverberates with you, then this may very well be God’s call for you to come to the conference.

There will be limited space available, so please pre-book to ensure a place. You can either pay in advance at or by phoning 07885 941848 … or you can phone Colin Nevin directly at 07719 471503 or email him at  and tell him you are coming.

Sat 21 Jul 2018

Marine Court hotel

United Kingdom