Full Title : "Convincement for the Jews, and confirmation for the Christians. Or that, Jesus Christ is the true Messiah, and is already come. Proved from, and by the sacred Scriptures, the unerring rule of truth, and by other undeniable arguments. Together with the principles and most weighty Objections of the Jews answered All being a loving exhortation to the Jews, by him that earnestly desireth the salvation of all weary and thirsty souls, both Jews and Gentiles written by John Blacklach London 1656"

Extract: Dearly beloved (I would willingly call you Brethren, but I believe you will not yet accept so much; let me call you ) Men and Fathers, unto you that are the posterity of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, men whose memories I highly esteem, and men forever blessed by the Lord. The occasion of my writing to you these following lines, is as follows: My business-leading (and God’s divine providence to disposing) me, I was lately in another part of the world, where many Israelites (otherwise called Jews) dwelt. There I grew somewhat familiarly acquainted with them, and such was their favor towards me (though I deserved not to be so much respected by them) that they entertained diverse solemn, or deliberate Conferences with me, touching the worship and service of God. And principally our Conference was touching or concerning the true Messiah, and touching the Gentile nations. And as love was the first, and principal, and the only moving cause of our meetings, and conferences, so we parted in love. And this further favor some of them showed to me, that they wrote Letters testimonial, or in favor of me, and sent by me to some other of your Nation dwelling in the place wither I was bound from thence.

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